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REL T5 Subwoofer in white - ex demo
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Product Description

REL T5 subwoofer in white - ex demo

This is our demo model in white.  It is in perfect condition and in original packaging.  A genuine bargain.


REL have released the new Serie T sub-bass systems. Serie T features design and execution of that borrow heavily from Serie R, including class leading industrial design, hand rubbed lacquer (piano black and piano white), extensive use of billet aluminium and a general appearance and construction that would suggest prices considerably in excess of the actual costs.


T7 and T9 feature true instrument grade bracing, borrowed from the musical instrument industry. This mechanical bracing is credited with producing a suddenness, impact and the dynamics not commonly associated with products in this category. Energy distribution is further aided by heavyweight solid aluminium feet that moment this newfound speed and "slam" to more efficiently couple into the room. A quick comparison of the old T1 and the new T9 show that we are the older model was all in by 28 Hz, the new T9 still has significant output at 24 Hz, a figure that compares very well with the much more expensive B2 but at a fraction of the price.


Size matters – or to be more precise, the driven cone surface area matters. T9 with a 10 “ active and 10” passive ABR produce the equivalent of a 300 W amplifier coupled to a 15” cone, whilst the T7 produces the equal of 200 W high current device driving larger than 13” cone.


T5, T7 and T9 also contain REL's unique REL D circuit that allows for direct connection of most Class D amplifiers to these REL's high level inputs. REL D decouples the REL's input and filter circuits thereby providing a safe, secure and seamless connection to the vast majority of Class D amplifier's today.


Every aspect of these new REL models have had their filter circuits sharpened up and are faster and more natural than ever with particular attention having been given to the limiting circuits, which are no referred to as Limitless Circuits. These are borrowed directly from Serie R but are calibrated to the needs of each model of Serie T and produced gentle, natural progress of limiting such that the ear never hears the limiters kick in. The result is that they feel virtually limitless in their power delivery, providing a torrent of power from the high current Class A/B amplifiers.


"We're very proud of the Serie T, everyone who's worked so hard on these feels them to be absolutely best in class in every respect. They represent a huge step up in what is possible, and at very reasonable prices. Fit and finish, as well as all the underlying components used are absolutely top-notch and equality has simply no comparison from competitors."




  • Custom design long throw active down-firing drive units and front-firing passive radiators (T7 and T9 only)
  • Powerful Class A/B amplifiers
  • 3 separate rotary controls for Hi/Low Level (RCA), and .1 (RCA) each with individual volume control, and crossover frequency
  • dedicated inputs for Hi Level (Speakon), Low Level (RCA) amd.1 (RCA) each with individual volume control.  Speaker level and the LFE input can be used simultaneously
  • Extremely low crossover points that allow seamless “blending” with any loudspeaker
  • Accommodation of Dolby Digital AC3, DTS, MPEG 2 and any other digital sound format that includes a dedicated Low Frequency Effects (LFE) cannel
  • Proprietary REL-D digital amplifier input provides the appropriate impedance and grounding environment for most Class D amplifiers
  • 9 coats of hand rubbed white or black piano lacquer
  • Nickel plated steel hardware throughout
  • Milled aluminium feet






Closed box, down firing active woofer


Active Drive Unit:

8” long throw, steel chassis


Passive Radiator:



Lower Frequency Response:

32Hz at -6dB


Input Connectors:

Hi Level Speakon, Lo Level single phono, LFE phono


Gain Control Range:

80 dB


Power Output:

125 W (RMS)


Phase Switch:

Yes, 0 or 180°


Amplifier Type:

Class A/B


Fully Electronic SET-SAFE:



DC Fault:



Output Short:



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